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There would be numerous instances that might cause a person to stop breathing and associated illnesses that can be severe. These life threatening circumstances require professionally trained people to be agile and have potential to provide necessary aid. Here at ernakulam, you will be able to find and choose the life-saving courses such as BLS training online ernakulam based on your experience.

Institutions can bridge the gap between students, doctors, nurses and other paramedics by listing and providing their life supporting courses online at ernakulam via our online platform where the training offered is free of charge.

We cover the following training programs online.

  • ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support)
  • PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)
  • NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program)
  • ITLS (International Trauma Life Support)
  • BLS (Basic Life Support)
  • PHTLS (Prehospital Trauma Life

Programs we offer are based on American Heart Association (AHA) curriculum. Being trained in BLS will help you make the right decision in a critical time and it can be one of the most vital steps to take to obtain certification as required. Some employers may search for candidates with BLS certification courses in ernakulam as their selection criteria. BLS training via makes you competent with these skills and can boost your chance of getting hired by some imminent employers.